Happy tips for your newborn/ baby session


Before the shoot, please feed baby 2-3 hours prior, plan on feeding him/her as soon as you all get ready for our photo session!

No outfit fits a newborn well. We’ll do most of the shots without clothes on, since most outfits tend to visually overwhelm newborns in pictures. If you do have a special outfit I recommend keeping it to just one as babies tend to get cranky during outfit changes.

Accessories can be good though, such as hats or dainty headbands. Bring sentimental items like the quilt that Grandma made for the baby,or a baby blanket or shoes from your own childhood.

For indoor shooting, babies will lay in their baby cribs, bouncers, or playpens when they don't sit up yet. We will use natural light, normally next to windows, esp north-facing ones as the diffused light makes the skin tone soft and nice.


More props include

  1. Gifts from your family and friends(esp. those with memories and emotion attachment- remember the pictures you and your beloved will keep lifelong and would smile when you look at them),

  2. Home decoration and heritage(your toys or clothes when you were a kid, or clothes that your little boy worn as a baby ).

  3. Stuff that carries good wishes, for example, Chinese parents will put red pocket which is a sign for good luck in their babies' hands:) . We can put mum’s high-heel shoes, accessories next to your girl:) or your sun glasses, books you want your little one to read when she grows up, hobbies you wish her to develop, musical instrument, clothes represents your own culture...you know, things carries a message or good wish…

  4. Sometimes I also put mirrors in front of babies, this way I can capture their funny or surprising faces. If your little one is sleeping, we can put him/her in a little container, laundry basket(sth contrasts with his/her size), with lovely padding and cover, or on suitcase pretending he/she's going on vacation alone...

All in all, we need the towels to make your little one’s padding to be comfortable, nice cover/ bed sheet to contrast his/her soft skin, breastfeeding pillows or cushions that makes him/her lie in bed in a cute position.

We will see how your little one behave- they can be posed like this(see the album for posing ideas)- but there’s no single one rule fits all babies. We will leave enough time for the whole photo session and never hurry, or force children to do stuff they aren’t capable of.