I like to capture the essence of some of these special times; the goose-bump moments full of love, the wild and silly moments full of giggles and laughter… all those moments you resolve to hold in your heart forever...           

My goal is to help you vividly remember those moments for years to come.                

My skill lies in being able to catch the subtle changes in expressions of the clients, their spontaneous reactions and their interactions.

We at Cloudia Chen Photography believe that women of all ages and walks of life are beautiful and should be reminded of that. Life can be hectic – in between everything we do – be it for the office, the home, the kids, the family as a whole - it can be easy to forgot that as individuals we also shine.

Beauty is indeed more than skin deep, but every once in a while it is nice to have to be reminded we are beautiful both inside and out.

We want to show beautifulYou!




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